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Golf Ball Pickup Retriever

Golf Ball Pickup Retriever

10 years ago

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With this handy little gizmo, you can retrieve your golf balls from virtually anywhere.

Golf balls go everywhere; it’s one of the sport’s unwritten rules. How many have you lost, because they’ve ended up in the water or up a tree? Those situations don’t have to stop you getting your ball back anymore; just clip the retriever to your putter’s grip and suddenly you’ve got and extra – and extra-long – arm that can retrieve your golf balls without any fuss.

In addition, there’s another benefit to using this device. Any golfer will tell you just how much strain the sport can put on your back – simply by having to bend down and pick up your balls. Think about it: you place them, hit them and then pick them up; that’s an awful lot of bending which, if you’re not as supple as you once were, can really start to tell. This is where the retriever comes into its own; you don’t have to bend to get your golf ball out of a hole or even to place it on a tee.

The retriever has three retractable prongs that grip the ball securely and operates with a finger-flip mechanism. Its simplicity and functionality make it an essential piece of kit for any budding Tiger Woods or for someone who just likes to have a go.

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